Lunch time!

Today I made a yummy avocado sandwich using the avocado from our backyard.

Serving for one

1. Half an avocado

2. Half a Red Onion

3. 1 Lime

4. One teaspoonful of Virgin Olive oil

5. Salt and Pepper

6. Parsley

7. Bread ! Wrap ! Lettuce, whatever you want or you can just eat it as a salad.

Avocados from our backyard

Avocados from our backyard



I only use the lime juice on the onion and let it sit for a few minutes. I find that a whole lime on the avocado removes the rich taste of the avocado if I let it sit to long. I add salt, pepper, olive oil and parsley to the mix on top of the onion.



You can let onion bathe in the lime juice mix for as long as you want; depends on your preference on how raw the onion taste to you. For me I let it sit for a least 10 minutes before i mix it in with avocado.

avocado6 avocado5

avocado7I then add it to my multi grain toast


There you go !

Tasty and Healthy



Tea key arrow is the gringo way of saying “TE QUIERO” ( I want you/I love you).

I came up with it so if it ever becomes a trend you know where it came from.

Here is a little artwork i did for it


the process

the process




CTRL-Y, all the lines Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.14.25 AM

Final Product


Facebook cover :teakeyarrowfb





I’ve struggled with sticking to a logo for my artist name creativepea since I came up with it 4 years ago.  The origin of the name is for another post, today’s entry is focused on it’s logos throughout the years.

1. Version 1, 2010  



Back in 2010 I thought this was the hottest logo in the planet! Give a girl Adobe Illustrator and she’ll design logos with a brush tool. lol … next







2. Version 2 ,2011 : ATTACK OF THE DROP SHADOW



I think this is when I discovered drop shadow !









Version 3 , 2010 :  THE ONE THAT STUCK AROUND




Much better! I cleaned the edges and minimized the spread of the drop shadow. I stayed with this logo for a while and used it mostly in photography of mine. I had it on my website’s coming soon page. Once I start Art School, I realized my logo needed more than a drop shadow to make it “cool”.






Some logo samples ideas

After 3 years without a logo I came up with this simple and clean design.

I’m always changing my mind but for now I can say I’m happy with the final choice.



Yes, I deactivated my FB


This isn’t the first time  I deactivate Facebook in the 7 years since I first created an account.

The reasons for deactivating my account in the past are probably for the same dramatic reasons many delete theirs

  • Relationship problems
  • Break up
  • Work related
  • ADDICTION!! ( lol being dramatic here )
  • A “break” from social media.

Blah blah blah I know many would say just stop using it, it’s no big deal. I agree it’s no big deal and I shouldn’t have to explain myself to anyone. I also know that not explaining myself will bring up questions to WHY I deleted it!

So here is my FALL 2014 explanation :

I just felt like it! :)

No big reason or explanation, just keep checking my blog and I’ll continue to share my life with you.


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Personal IG @creativepea 

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